STEP 2 – Be Different! BE YOURSELF!

Over the years we’ve noticed a trend amongst the Ellen guests. They are all amazing, and they are all unique. Many of the guests are UBER talented or UBER famous, however, don’t let this discourage you!  Just as awesome and inspiring are the guests who are themselves. They are talented at being loving and caring and genuine :)

If you inspire other people, you are beautiful!

Having medical conditions can be overwhelming. Katie is in constant pain, and deals with it like a champ. An adorable champ that collects spoons and cries when children sing songs on youtube. Andy has been struggling with intermittent back pain and eye problems. She deals with it like a warrior! A warrior that is very cautious, and is dressed like a dinosaur.

So for step 2, as part of How To Get On Ellen, it’s important to be yourself, love who you are, and share the love!


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Andy and Katie Take On Classic Joke Tuesday!

New footage from our documentary! Okay, as most of you know, Classic Joke Tuesday is now called Classic Joke Wednesday… But we filmed this literally two days before finding out it was on a new day! So you’ll just have to pretend we say Wednesday :)

Also in this video: lots of shenanigans and fun had with the local Minneapolis comedy scene at ACME Comedy Club! Please enjoy, smile and share.

Special thanks to Jonathan for all his wonderful work editing!

Katie and Andy are officially roomies!

And we live in LA! So close to Ellen that we can barely function without dancing and shouting her name!

We went shopping to find arts and crafts supplies to start making the perks for our wonderful supporters!



Also just a heads up, every Friday is dinosaur Friday.


We will be posting more footage from the documentary soon!

Love and hugs! And of course, be kind to one another!

Get A First Look at The Documentary!

We are very excited to share this clip with you! It’s been a couple months now since camp Ellen, and every day we are getting closer to getting on the Ellen show and hugging Ellen’s sweet sweet arms and torso!

Also a heads up that on January 1st Katie and Andy will be living together in LA! We can’t wait, and we just wanted to warn you about all the awesome that is sure to be coming at you over the inter webs.

But without further ado! Here is the awesome clip, with special thanks to Jonathan and Nathan!

Documentary Update!


Hey guys! WOW, still amazed at the love and support! We are still working hard to get on Ellen and our filmmaker Jonathan is currently editing together the footage!

You can continue to follow our efforts on Facebook. Click here to like our fan page :)

We are working on creating all the perks as well and will let you know when we start sending them out.


hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs